Our Story

In 2012, MIZNA founder Muhanna Almuhanna moved to Boston, MA to pursue his education. He admired the health awareness spread around the city, and how people were aware of the different nutrition and food sources. Not to mention how many were committed to being active, even if they were required to leave their beds at 5 in the morning to run in the cold.

"It excites me when I encounter people who were able to control their eating habits and establish a healthier lifestyle. I managed to lose 90 pounds of weight by adopting a few healthier eating habits. I stopped having soft drinks, stopped adding sugar to my coffee and tea and stopped eating candy. Today, dates and honey are my main sources of sugar, and I feel healthier than ever before."

However, Muhanna noticed dates weren't utilized enough in the US. Coming from a culture that embraced dates and understood the different benefits and uses of it, he saw the potential of leveraging it into the American diet. Therefore, right after finishing his master's degree at Babson College, Muhanna decided to launch MIZNA and start raising awareness of dates, and in August of 2018, MIZNA was born to produce natural, nutritious, and delicious dates products.

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