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By 2012, MIZNA founder Muhanna Almuhanna finally managed to reach his ideal weight after losing more than 90 pounds of weight. Muhanna didn't get into a strict diet or exessive workout. He only followed a simple role; start adopting healtheir habits, one at a time." 

"I stopped drinking soft drinks, stopped adding sugar to tea/coffee, and ordered less french fries. I will still eat burgers, cheesecakes, and pizzas, but I will eat them in considerable amounts."

moved to Boston, MA to pursue his education. One thing Muhanna admired while studying in Boston was the widespread health awareness. People where aware of the different nutritions and of their food sources. Not to mention how people were committed to being active, even if it required them to leave their warm beds at 5 am in the morning and to run in the snow. 

"I get enthusiastic right away when I encounter people who were able to establish a healthier lifystyle and managed to control their eating habits. I was able to substantially improve my health and diet by adapting to healthier eating habits. Last time I had a soft-drink was in 2010; I never add sugar to any of my drinks, and I never order french fries with my meals. Adapting to healthier habits helped me lose more than 90 pounds, become more energetic and focused, and feel healthier than ever before."       

However, Muhanna beileved dates weren't utilied enough in the US, and coming from a culture that embraced dates, he understood the wide benefits and uses of it. Therfore, right after completing his masters degree at Babson College, Muhanna decided to launch MIZNA and raise awareness of dates and its different charectraistics.  

And in August of 2018, MIZNA was born on a mission to increase dates utiliation in the US by offering a variety of date-based products.

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